Dear Families,

We are excited and honored that you have chosen to be part of the family at Northeastern Adventist Academy-Queens Campus for this academic year.

In this 63rd year of Northeastern Adventist Academy-Queens Campus, formerly known as the Linden SDA School, we continue to represent the community with our unique faith-based identity. The school is a Christian Adventist Institution that covers all core courses, along with music, French, Spanish, and Biblical teaching philosophies that reflect the best of what independent schools in New York City have to offer.

We have revolutionized how we facilitate instruction in our classrooms. This stems from our new district vision which is to Build Something Better to achieve student- centric excellence. Furthermore, our mission is to collaboratively build character through rigor and excellence.

These core values enable us to accomplish these goals:
1. We focus on creativity and innovation by demonstrating new emerging trends.
2. We focus on collaboration by engaging all stakeholders to produce the best results.
3. We focus on empathy by treating everyone with care and understanding.
4. We focus on excellence by consistently pursuing and maintaining the highest standards.
5. We will be a distinctively faith-based Seventh Day Adventist School that always, unapologetically, echo the three angel’s message.
6. We will focus on integrity by operating with honesty and transparency.
7. We will be solution-oriented by providing every student equitability for success.

We at Northeastern Adventist Academy-Queens Campus will uphold the high standards of academic achievement. This will be seen through student academics, test scores, character traits and social and emotional competencies.

Our education is aligned with the state and North American Division Curriculum. On a daily basis, our educators are creating miracles from the nursery program through 8th grade. Furthermore, at the early childhood level, students are drilled into the fundamentals of learning through reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. Whereas, at the elementary level, we help them explore and understand the world around them.

In elementary to junior high, the renowned rigor of the curriculum allows students to develop the analytical skills that pave the way for advanced academic work across the humanities and sciences. They also strengthen their sense of self, as leaders and independent thinkers, problem solvers, and biblical influencers. Co- curricular activities assist them to shape their journey towards higher education.

The faculty at all levels, guides each student. The faculty holds advanced degrees from their respective disciplines and are qualified and certified in their field of study. Many of our staff have lived and worked around the world. Their natural curiosity, eagerness to learn, innovativeness and openness to other cultures, promotes their interactions with our students in an insightful way.

Northeastern Adventist Academy is a unique medley of North American, African, Caribbean, and Hispanic identities, with over seven nationalities and different languages. This fusion of people and voices brings the community together through debates and deep conversations. This is an excellent preparation for a world that is complex and unified. When each student leaves us, we know that they are prepared to examine issues through critical and analytical lens, which is based on compassion and adapted to the specificities of culture and place. Lastly, our students develop a deep meaningful relationship with God.

In many ways, Northeastern Conference has been part of my family for more than 21 years. Four of my six siblings are former students of the Hebron Bilingual school. I have served previously as a member of the school and church boards, as church education director, communication assistant, Pathfinder Assistant Director, usher, member of the youth department and youth choir. Throughout my time serving in the Northeastern Adventist Education Department, I have noted four factors:

  •   a commitment to excellence and rigor in teaching and learning.
  •   a deep commitment to invest in the whole development of the child.
  •   and a belief in the power of a Christian education to shape, engage, and inform young people who seek to interact deeply with the world around them. 

I invite you to explore Northeastern Adventist Academy-Queens Campus, and all that it has to offer your children.

Welcome All!

Mrs. Gladly Grant
Principal: Northeastern Adventist Academy Queens Campus