LaureneThe Linden Seventh-day Adventist B.S.M.A.R.T School is a Christian institution that firmly believes that every child that enters its doors should have a fair opportunity to experience a spiritual encounter with God. Every student has the potential to succeed academically through structure, consistency, and discipline. In order to encourage positive behavior and motivation towards learning, it is imperative that students feel like they belong, feel safe, and provided the opportunity to have an encounter with their Jesus. Our goal is to provide them with a Christian Seventh-day Adventist School that provides these core-values for students to succeed academically. These will also empower them to embrace Christian values that will guide their perception of life.

We encourage our students on a daily basis to B. S. M.A. R. T. students, by starting the day with Bible classes, learn memory verses, and to listen to stories about Jesus. Students practice Basketball as a means to stay fit and healthy. French, Spanish, Science, and Social Studies are encouraged in the classroom to help students expand their knowledge. Mathematics, Music, and drama are thrown in to give them the opportunity to be creative. In addition, Reading Comprehension, and Research Writing are included to foment analytical thinking in students. To cap it off, technology, the practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area of engineering, is also included. The B.S.M.A.R.T Curriculum is what the Seventh –day Adventist Education entails.

Dr. Laurene Richards- Usher
Principal: Linden Seventh –day Adventist School